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We already support many local businesses and offer both installation and ongoing support for networks of all sizes. We have worked for the Home Office in Croydon but have many customers with only one or two PCs.

We are happy to help at any level and can often offer a same day callout at no extra charge.

If you have ever considered installing a Wireless Network but have been discouraged by the cost or complexity of the fact that Wireless Networking is so unreliable or insecure – we have the answer for you!

We are very pleased to announce that we are now distributors for eConnect HomePlug. eConnect provides a fully secure Wireless connection for your home or office network that runs across your mains electricity supply. Installation couldn’t be simpler, but we’re on hand to offer expert advice should you need it. We can also offer an installation service which covers most of the South East of England.

There is a range of products to suit your needs and budget. The 14mps plugs cost £40.00, including network cable. The 85mps plugs cost £60.00. These prices include VAT and the products will be fully invoiced. There is a £5.00 handling fee per order to cover postage and packing. You will need two plugs to create your network and can add further plugs as you wish. There is also a Wireless Access Point (coming soon).

How Does It Work?

You simply plug the adaptor into a mains socket and connect it to a PC, Laptop, Network Switch (Hub) or ADSL Router to share data, printers, broadband internet, etc. The network is secure and permanent. There is no loss of signal strength and no problem with thick walls, concrete floors and all the other problems associated with traditional wireless networking.

Who Could Benefit?

  • Home users - wanting to share the Internet within a house, particularly a large house over many floors. This could include house shares, such as students.
  • Offices - who want to add a new connection, link floors or annexes. eConnect is far less expensive than employing cable contractors to run new cables.
  • Surgeries – dentists, doctors – who want to extend their network with a new treatment room.
  • Schools – add new classrooms or extra connections for White Boards, the Internet, etc.
  • Golf Clubs – what a fantastic service to offer your members and course visitors. Let them share your ADSL Internet access while visiting the clubhouse. Gain a competitive advantage over the competition – offer today’s businessmen what they want – access to their email during the day!
  • Guest house and hotels – “rent” a plug to your guests and allow them to have unrestricted Internet access form the privacy of their room. This is also an opportunity to offer Internet access to conference guests.

What To Do Now?

Just contact us and we can discuss your needs, confirm pricing and availability and answer any other questions you may have.





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