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How secure is your critical data and, more importantly, how would you cope if you lost it all? Fire, theft, hard drive crash – any one could happen and all three happen every week to all sizes of business and organisations up and down the country.

We are excited to offer the provision of an offsite data backup solution for your critical data. In our experience, most computer users have some form of backup system in place for the protection of important data – usually this takes the form of a tape or CD-ROM. Sometimes the backup media is floppy disks. Hopefully, the media is changed each night and stored either offsite with a member of staff or in a fire-proof safe. Even if this is the case, when was the last time you tried to retrieve that data and prove that the system works? Magnetic media is notoriously unreliable and is rarely checked for its integrity – you just don’t have the time!

We can provide you with a totally reliable, affordable and safe means of copying your data to a secure location on a daily basis that requires no manual intervention. The product, Attix, is endorsed by leading accountants PricewaterhouseCoopers and used by many leading blue-chip companies and public bodies such as Kent Police Authority.

We are pleased to offer the backup service for as little as £15.00 per month. The actual charge will depend upon the amount of critical data you wish to protect – see the table below.

If you would like to try the service, with no obligation, for 14 days please click on the link below and send us your details: Contact name, company or organisation name, your address and contact phone number and your email address. We will email the installation software to you and can offer full installation support by phone. If you are in the South London area we can visit your site to install the software for you.


Data Size

Monthly Charge














There is a charge of £5.00 per month for each additional Gb of data required. Prices exclude VAT at 17.5%. We raise invoices quarterly in advance.




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